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The Fraserwoods Advantage

Uniform Methods, Improved Reliability

Fraserwoods has extensive experience repairing various gearbox brands, styles, and configurations. Our certified technicians begin each repair utilizing calibrated inspection tools, uniform methods, and a wealth of industry experience.

Our industry experience extends to numerous industrial design configurations including:

  • Cycloidal
  • In-line helical
  • Right angle spiral bevel
  • Worm gear
  • Planetary systems
  • Parallel shaft
  • Fluid couplings
  • Specialty designs


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Service Feature


Our experienced gearbox service technicians are ready to service your multi-stage drive or power transmission equipment. Your unit will be returned to OEM specifications quickly and cost effectively.

  • Teardown - external and internal detailed inspections
  • Measurements - shaft runouts, clearances, and gear backlashes
  • Industry Tools - precision quality machine tools and technologies, standard and digital measurement tools, adjustable workbenches
  • Assembly - Assembly - OEM parts, premium bearing and seal kits, threads torqued to factory specifications

Our skilled machinists work in collaboration with gearbox technicians and welders to calculate machining repair scope.

  • Precise measurements & inspections: gearbox housing, bearing bores, bearing journals
  • Precision machining: resleeving of bearing housings

Welding completed by Journeyman welders highly experienced with various makes and models of gearboxes and other rotating equipment.

  • SMAW and GMAW weld processes
  • Filling of cracks, gouges, and inclusions
  • Specialty repair of cast and steel gearbox housingsĀ 
  • External repairs and reinforcement techniques

All parts are cleaned using a three-part system:

  • Hand wash and visual inspection of smaller parts in solvent tub
  • Machine wash and degrease small and large components in automatic parts washer
  • Sandblasting on external housings while maintaining protective surfaces
  • Custom paint services available

Dedicated shipping/receiving staff prepare equipment for pickup, transport or long term storage.

  • Tagging and identification requirements per customer instruction
  • Secured metal strapping to pallets or custom crating
  • Shafts wrapped and otehr exposed critical fits wrapped or coated for additional protection
  • Gearboxes wrapped in film to protect from climate moisture and exposure elements
  • Heavy lift forklifts utilized for quick and easy loading/unloading
  • 5 ton overhead cranes to accommodate sizable equipment

Gearbox oil and lubricants must be shipped separately as per Transport Canada guidelines

  • We carry a full line of oil and lube brands recommended by OEMs
  • Gearbox lubricant oil shipped separately as per TDG regulatory compliance

Our Team is Ready to Assist You

Please contact us with any sales or evaluation inquiries for service and/or repair. We will promptly provide you with a detailed inspection report and a quotation for review and consideration.

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